Liverpool Primary Schools

Athletics Association


In 2016, the city of Liverpool lost one of its shining stars. Zoe Tynan was an established international footballer but before she channelled her talents into one sport, she had graced Primary School Cross Country and Athletics with her spirit.

Zoe was a vibrant, generous, and fun-loving girl who always knew how to motivate those around her. Her positive attitude and cheerful disposition brought life and energy to her running, and she was a dedicated athlete. However, she also personally aspired to get those around her active and involved. She loved to run and to race but was never too big to help others.

She was a team runner, making the individual aspect of the sport supplementary to the efforts, success and enjoyment of her colleagues and teammates. In doing her best to encourage all those around her, Zoe touched many people’s hearts.

To honour the spirit of Zoe Tynan we inaugurated an award to recognise similar children who lead others by example and encouragement.

Schools are invited to nominate one of your pupils who you feel exemplifies Zoe Tynan’s Spirit of Running. It is a tough target to aspire to so we urge you to watch your children throughout the season and see if one of them could possibly be up to that level.