Liverpool Primary Schools

Athletics Association

Resumption of League Races

Dear Colleague,
Cross country resumes with the fifth cross country league race for the 2017/2018 season takes place on Thursday 22nd February 2018 at Sefton Park and is being hosted by Booker Avenue.
We are always deeply indebted to the host schools who step forward to run events but, even after all these years we are still learning and tweaking races. Therefore we will continue to attempt to improve and, as such, WE ARE ASKING ALL SCHOOLS TO BRING AT LEAST ONE MARSHALL to make sure we cover the entire course.
At the start of each race, every school is lined up in SINGLE FILE. At Newsham Park, there was a serious injury where a boy fell. Some team managers are coaching their children to move into two lines in order to gain a better start. This is dangerous and schools moving their children out of single file will be disqualified.
First Aid
Please be aware that each school is responsible for the welfare of their own children. The organisers have a full first aid kit available for use but schools should administer their own first aid to their pupils, if required.
Health and Safety
Whilst the issue of marshals speaks to health and safety, schools should be mindful of their obligations to their own children. Schools are responsible for the well-being of their children. Children should be adequately trained. Please also bear in mind that, despite all the hoops we jump through to use our beautiful city parks, there are no toilet facilities in them.
It is also the responsibility of schools to make sure that their children and supporters adhere to the rules of the competition. The course for all races will be 1500m and please note that running spikes are not allowed.  Parents should also kindly be reminded not to pace their children in any way during the race.  This includes running alongside the children, or cycling around the race route.  This may result in the disqualification of runners / teams.
Please return your fully completed results sheets and envelopes straight after your race. Children’s full names should be filled in. It is not enough just to put ‘Billy’ etc. We need surnames. Please make sure that the finishing tokens go in with the results' sheet. Every result is checked. PLEASE RETURN THE ENVELOPE AFTER THE BOYS’ RACE – DO NOT WAIT UNTIL THE GIRLS’ RACE IS DONE.